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SCAN’s Climate Action Awareness Campaign 2024


Youth Entrepreneurship Pathway and Job Creation

Youth Entrepreneurship Pathway and Job Creation seeks to create a fundamental link between innovative Black entrepreneurs and aspiring Black and other visible minority youth in Canada. The project provides a suitable process for youth entering the workforce to become a tradesperson or a professional and find a relevant job. 

It also supports entrepreneurs and business owners in growing their businesses and provides the employment support they require to find innovative employees. On both ends, each party tremendously benefits from our matchmaking services by having access to time saving productivity enhancements, eligible funding and vital experience in the work field

CareerCatalyst Fall 2024

We have starting working on placements for CareerCatalyst 2024. Interested employers should register to participate.

SummerWave Project 2024

The SummerWave project is wrapping p for 2024. The last cohort will be starting July 8 and ending August 30, 2024.


The Sustainability on My Mind program wishes to bring a fun but safe way to connect people in the community and share SCAN’s passion for environmental sustainability. The program was born to allow Canadian residents to learn new skills and practical self-sufficiency methods that cost little to no money.

SCAN hosts different workshop series on various topics effective November 2023 that teach residents about eco-friendly, cost-efficient lifestyle strategies that households can practice independently. 


Sustainability on My Mind – Senior Edition runs from March 2024 to February 2025. The program targets senior citizens in Malton, particularly those in care homes. The program will be facilitated by seniors, two staff members, and a community group overseeing senior activities. Workshops, with an anticipated class size of 20-25 seniors, will run for three hours on Monday mornings each month.

The goal is to engage a minimum of 140 seniors. The Seniors Edition is funded in part by the Government of Canada’s New Horizons for Seniors Program

Testimonies from Past Workshop Attendees


This is a program connected directly to our Youth Entrepreneurship Pathway and Job Creation program. SCAN is increasing the capacity of our ongoing Virtual Career fair with a focus on Black entrepreneurs. In these virtual interviews, business owners freely discuss their personal and professional journey with regards to advice for our youth. This database of interviews provide an introduction and background of participating Employers to students. The gathered content will be available to the general public to be used by schools during Career Fair seasons, webinars, information sessions, organizational partners, and Black History month. We will upload the videos on the SCAN YouTube channel.

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Sustainable Community Aid Network (SCAN) is a Canadian non-profit organization dedicated to catalyzing the sustainable advancement of communities through a comprehensive and intersectional approach. 

At SCAN, we fervently embrace an intricate framework that seamlessly intertwines environmental, social-cultural, and economic considerations, harmoniously addressing the intricate tapestry of challenges faced by marginalized populations, with particular emphasis on visible minority groups.


Sustainable Community Aid Network (SCAN)
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