Sustainability/Digital Transformation Analyst

Primary Role

  1. Assist in the organization and delivery of environmental workshops under our “Sustainability in your Farm” program at our partner location – Akachi Farms
  2. Assist in the organization and delivery of Climate Change Webinars to our network
  3. Research and identify grant funding opportunities in the sustainability sector
  4. Work with the fundraising team to complete grant applications and proposals in the sustainability/environmental sector.
  5. Develop awareness and elevate SCAN’s Brand for the sustainability/environmental programs

Secondary Role

  1. Assist in aligning organization’s business strategy with a digital strategy
  2. Develop a transformative road map along with a data management strategy
  3. Align our financial and digital transformation goals while identifying key partnerships and tools to finance a digital transformation program
  4. Integrate our sales and marketing strategies into a digital transformative journey leveraging technology to enhance customer management
  5. Align our legal structure with our digital transformation program
  6. Develop our digital architecture

The ideal candidate should have/be:

  • University degree in the Environment / Sustainability sector
  • Good communication, writing ability, 
  • Social media marketing experience
  • Fluent in English
  • Tech-savvy
  • A problem solver
  • Good interpersonal skills

Applicants must be Under 30 years old.

Start date is November 8, 2021. Duration is 6 months but may become permanent. Option to work remotely is available until COVID restrictions are completely lifted.

Send your resume and cover letter to info@s-can.org