Governance Structure and Board of Directors at SCAN

Governance Structure and Board of Directors at SCAN

At the Sustainable Community Aid Network (SCAN), our commitment to transparency, accountability, and effective decision-making is embodied in our robust governance structure. As a non-profit organization dedicated to fostering sustainable community development, we understand the vital role governance plays in ensuring that our mission and values are upheld.
Our governance structure is designed to bring together dedicated individuals who are passionate about our cause and who possess a diverse range of skills and expertise. Here’s a brief overview of our governance framework:
Board of Directors: Our Board of Directors serves as the guiding force behind SCAN’s strategic direction. Comprising experienced professionals, community advocates, and experts in various fields, the Board ensures that SCAN operates in alignment with its mission and adheres to ethical and legal standards.
Advisory Council: Our Advisory Council is a vital component of our governance structure, providing valuable insights, advice, and expertise from individuals who are deeply committed to sustainable community development. These advisors bring diverse perspectives that enrich our decision-making processes.
Executive Leadership: At the heart of SCAN’s day-to-day operations is our Executive Leadership Team. Led by the Executive Director, this team manages the organization’s daily activities, oversees program implementation, and ensures that the strategies set by the Board are executed effectively.
Program Committees: SCAN’s work is divided into specialized Program Committees, each focusing on a distinct aspect of sustainable community development. These committees, consisting of passionate volunteers and experts, drive the planning and execution of our initiatives, ensuring they remain aligned with our mission.
Support Teams: In addition to our program-oriented committees, SCAN benefits from dedicated support teams. These teams handle crucial functions such as finance and audit, legal compliance, human resources, communications, and data management, ensuring the smooth operation of the organization.
Annual General Meeting (AGM): Our AGM is an essential event where SCAN members and stakeholders come together to review the organization’s progress, financial reports, and strategic plans. It’s a platform for members to voice their opinions, vote on key decisions, and elect new board members.
At SCAN, we take our governance responsibilities seriously. We are committed to upholding the highest standards of integrity, accountability, and inclusivity in all that we do. Our governance structure empowers us to fulfill our mission of sustainable community development, making a lasting impact on the lives of those we serve. Together, we work tirelessly to create more resilient, equitable, and thriving communities for all.

Board of Directors at SCAN

Obie Agusiegbe

MSc., EP, President

Obie is the founder of SCAN and is a certified environmental professional under ECO Canada with over 18 years of experience in many sectors within the environmental management and sustainability stream. She is the CEO of EnvironFocus, a sustainability services firm that aims to improve the performance of sustainable development initiatives for communities in need in Canada and across the globe.

Adesuwa Ndulue

BSc Nursing, Treasurer

Adesuwa is a dedicated Registered Nurse, bringing her passion for healthcare to the forefront of her career at Saint Elizabeth Healthcare. She earned her Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree from Nipissing University, where she honed her skills and knowledge in the field of nursing. Adesuwa’s commitment to patient care is evident in her daily work, where she combines her academic foundation with practical experience to provide the highest level of care and support to her patients. Her empathy, professionalism, and attention to detail make her an invaluable asset to the healthcare team at Saint Elizabeth. With her strong educational background and unwavering dedication to the well-being of others, Adesuwa continues to make a positive impact in the world of nursing, ensuring that every patient she encounters receives the best possible care.

Victoria Oyewole

Chartered Professional Accountant

Victoria Oyewole is a seasoned Chartered Professional Accountant. In addition to her accounting designation, she also holds an MBA and has worked in various capacities in the private and financial sectors for close to two decades. She has an outstanding record of Leadership and Customer Retention skills. Her interpersonal and customer relationship skills are exceptional, coupled with great technical, analytical and problem-solving skills. With Victoria, you get personalized services tailored towards ensuring your numbers make sense, providing meaningful options that will make your decision-making process as seamless as possible. Victoria provides excellent support to individuals, small and medium-sized businesses by providing a broad range of services that are geared towards regulatory compliance and reduced tax liabilities. She helps clients to actualize their goals by providing direction, supporting financial management needs and providing expert advice and guidance in formulating strategies as well as innovative tax planning and effective management of reporting burdens.

Amaka Uzuakpunwa

Secretary / project Manager

Amaka is versatile Project Coordinator with years of experience and analytical skills. She thrives in a fast paced environment that showcases her various skill sets which include Documentation, Training, Business Operations and Logistics. She is also known for successfully executing diverse project tasks to accomplish pending deadlines. Amaka is an enthusiastic problem solver with superior communication, planning and decision-making skills.

Ikenna Agusiegbe

Youth Co-ordinator

Ikenna is a dedicated Chemical Engineering student at Toronto Metropolitan University. With a focus on results, He is passionate about meeting targets and surpassing expectations. Thriving in performance-driven environments, he finds fulfillment in the sense of accomplishment that accompanies the achievement of goals. My approach is characterized by a positive attitude, a robust work ethic, and an unwavering commitment to excellence. These qualities enable me to consistently deliver outstanding results, while also contributing to the development of a positive and collaborative team culture. He is eager to leverage my skills and commitment to excellence to contribute to individual and team success.

Immanuel Oluwatofunmi Okoroafor

Volunteer coordinator

Immanuel is a serial entrepreneur, and volunteer. A product of an unapologetic African woman leader. Immanuel was born in Lagos Nigeria, and migrated to Canada at the age of 6. All through his youth he has been an avid volunteer, a family tradition, and during Covid19 shutdown, he supported various NGOs with social media, and digital support. He has his Bachelor degree from Algoma University. He is currently studying Law at The University of Dundee, while also managing a consulting business. He is an Honors graduate with a double major in Law & Justice and Political Science. His passion for volunteering earned him recognition and awards.

Oshobugie Idode

Youth Co-ordinator

Oshobogie Idode is a driven University of Ottawa student pursuing an Honors Bachelor of Health Sciences since September 2023. Proficient in time management, research, and communication, they've earned awards like the Principal Award (2017) and the ACCH Scholarship (2023). With a keen interest in health sciences, they excel in collaborative projects and have a knack for balancing academic commitments.

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