Youth Entrepreneurship Pathway and Job Creation

A project instigated by SCAN, the Youth Entrepreneurship Pathway and Job Creation seeks to create a fundamental link between innovative Black entrepreneurs and aspiring Black and other visible minority youth in Canada. The project provides a suitable process for youth entering the workforce to become a tradesperson or a professional, and finding a relevant job, and for supporting Black entrepreneurs and business-owners in growing their business, providing the employment support that they require to find innovative employees. On both ends, each party tremendously benefits from our matchmaking services by having access to time-saving productivity enhancements, eligible funding and vital experience in the work field. 

SCAN will act as a workforce intermediary/third-party management. Employers reach out to us to hire youth. We carry out the on-boarding and recruitment.

Here is an infographic that will be used for outreach to Black entrepreneurs, business owners, youth, students, and community organizations. Download and share!

Benefit for Entrepreneurs/Business Owners

  1. We publicize your business through our virtual career fair on YouTube. Video interviews introducing your career journey and its background will be conducted, then uploaded on our You tube channel to be shared in career fairs at high schools and post secondary schools, as well as on webinar events.
  2. We act as a matchmaking service that recruits potential student employees upon job listings on our job board. Often times, it is difficult as an entrepreneur to have the time to recruit, interview, and mentor student employees even though the assistance is much needed. This is where SCAN vitally provides services. The government of Canada recognizes the importance of hiring students, and thereby provides an impressive investment return for that social service. Scroll down for more information.
  3. We will provide monthly performance reviews and quarterly reports on the progress of employees and the outcome of their position during that period.

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Benefits for Secondary and Post-Secondary Students

  1. By connecting Black youth and young adults to Black professionals and entrepreneurs in the workforce, cultural relevance and community resilience is created for participants. The achievements, successes, and contributions of participants will be highly recognized once performance analysis rolls in. They will be given the opportunity to set their goals, completing segmented check-ins to ensure they are on the right track.
  2. Participants will have considerable access to anti-Black racism resources, learning and actively developing skills on how to challenge racism in the workforce. Participants will be equipped with real-world situational knowledge to overcome the status-quo of race priviledge in Canada.
  3. Then of course, gaining valuable work experience and potential permanent job opportunities in diverse sectors of interest. Quality resume information can be updated, as well as innovative knowledge ready to be nursed along with your degree. The aim of pairing youth is for the entrepreneurs to see their value and take them on permanently. Participants will be tutored under the best of the best Black entrepreneurs in Canada, role models that can be looked upon.

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Funding for the Project – Ongoing

Asides from fully funding the administrative costs, we will also assist businesses with the hiring cost by applying on their behalf to eligible government grants for skilled-trade sector businesses, and the Student Work Placement program for wage subsidies. This ensures that the internship periods are partially funded (up to 75% of the wage) for the participating employers. Relieving the financial barriers of hiring students is something we work hard on. Connect with us if you would like to know more. 

Virtual Career Fair

This is a sub-project in Youth Entrepreneurship Pathway and Job Creation. The goal here is to publicize, consult, and guide black youth and others seeking employment on the experiences and journeys of established Black entrepreneurs right here in the community. Willing business owners will be interviewed, and the expected outcome is a vast outreach to career fairs, webinars and festivals in high schools, universities, and our partner organizations.

Digital Infrastructure to be funded by BBI-SBCCI Wrap Around Service Grant 2