Employer and Youth Management

The Process

Once the funder approves the wage subsidy and SCAN hires the youth, the Employer will need to make a final payment of $750 to enable activities that will last 8 – 16 weeks.

The activities include the following:

  • Payroll Management for Employers
  • Human Resource Training Resource for Employers – Payroll Management
  • Monthly performance reviews
  • Reporting to Funder.

Payroll Management for Employers

Depending on the wage subsidy received, the Employers will pay the remaining percentage and Mandatory Employer Related Costs (MERCs) (if applicable) to SCAN. As the hiring organization, SCAN gets the Government’s wage subsidy for the participating student under the program. SCAN will handle all payroll processes. The final $750 collected during this stage will help generate a pool of funds from which we can pay youth pending when the funder releases the wage subsidy to SCAN, which can be once or twice during the 8-16 weeks period.

Human Resources Training Resource for Employers

SCAN will provide HR resources to Employers through its partners to prepare them for hiring staff at the end of the internship/coop.

Monthly performance reviews

We will provide monthly performance reviews and quarterly reports on the progress of employees and the outcome of their position during that period.

Report to Funder

SCAN will be responsible for reporting to funders on the wage subsidy program outcome