SCAN Climate Action Awareness Campaign | DAY 10 - Climate Change Mitigation

SCAN Climate Action Awareness Campaign | DAY 10 – Climate Change Mitigation

As we embark on day 10 of our Climate Action Awareness Campaign, we delve into a crucial aspect of climate change response: mitigation. Mitigation refers to the actions and efforts to reduce or prevent the long-term risks of climate change by curbing greenhouse gas emissions—the primary drivers of global warming.

Greenhouse gases, including Carbon Dioxide (CO2), methane (CH4), nitrous oxide (N2O), and fluorinated gases (F-Gases), contribute to the greenhouse effect, trapping heat in the Earth’s atmosphere and leading to rising temperatures.

While some greenhouse gas emissions occur naturally through phenomena like forest fires and volcanic eruptions, the majority stem from human activities such as energy production, industrial processes, deforestation, and land-use changes.

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has highlighted the alarming impact of anthropogenic activities on global warming. Human actions have already caused an estimated 1.0°C of warming above pre-industrial levels, with projections indicating a likely increase to 1.5°C between 2030 and 2052 if current emission rates persist.

We must implement Mitigation strategies swiftly to avert catastrophic climate change. These strategies necessitate rapid and comprehensive transitions across various sectors, including energy, land use, transportation, buildings, and industry.

Transitioning from fossil fuels to renewable energy sources, such as solar and wind power, is imperative to reduce emissions from energy production. Similarly, investing in public transportation infrastructure can help decrease reliance on private vehicles, thereby lowering emissions from the transportation sector.

While adaptation measures remain essential, they alone are insufficient to address the magnitude of the climate crisis. Mitigation efforts complement adaptation strategies, collectively offering a holistic approach to climate change mitigation and resilience-building.

Tomorrow, we will delve deeper into mitigation strategies and explore the pathways forward in our ongoing battle against climate change. Join us as we discuss actionable steps to mitigate greenhouse gas emissions and safeguard our planet for future generations.

Thank you for your continued engagement in our Climate Action Awareness Campaign. Together, we can make a difference in combating climate change and creating a more sustainable world.


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