Sustainability on My Mind Workshop Series – Homemade Laundry Detergent

The Sustainable Community Aid Network (SCAN), in collaboration with Value Life Humanitarian Services and  Ridgewood Public School,  hosted its third workshop as part of the Sustainability on My Mind project in Malton on February 15th, 2023. The workshop is the third out of eight workshops that will teach the residents in the low-income neighbourhood of Malton, Mississauga, about eco-friendly lifestyle strategies that households can practice on their own for minimal cost. SCAN has partnered with local non-profits and schools, such as Value Life Humanitarian Services and Ridgewood Public School, across Malton to ensure the successful delivery and implementation of this project.

Value Life Humanitarian Services is a non-profit organization that provides services such as literacy, women empowerment, civic engagement, multiculturalism, sustainable food production, leadership and communication training and corporate partnership. Ridgewood Public School is a middle school in Malton, Mississauga, with a mission to promote a learning community where staff, students and parents are committed to fostering individual excellence and leadership in a caring community of learners. Ridgewood Public School leveraged this project to meet its mandate and had full autonomy over the selection of participants from within its community. Participants were Malton residents across different demographics, namely West Indian (6 %) and South East Asian (94%). The workshops were a point of cultural exchange as well as fostering a sense of community amongst residents of the Malton neighbourhood. Participants left with an awareness of how to make their own personal care products with easily accessible, eco-friendly ingredients. Participants also took home tool kits and ingredients used in the workshop to enable them to make hand/body butter at home.

Dayna facilitated the Homemade laundry detergent. Dayna is the manager of Bare Market. The Bare market is a zero-waste grocery store with a mission to make sustainable and ethical living easy and accessible everywhere. It is Toronto’s first one-stop shop for package-free goods, locally grown and sourced produce, dry goods, oils+ vinegar and body and home care products. 

You can learn more about the Sustainability on My Mind project here:

We invite Malton residents interested in participating in this project to sign up at

The Sustainability on My Mind project is supported by the Government of Canada’s Healthy Communities Initiative.

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