Sustainability on My Mind Workshop Series – Candle Making

The Sustainable Community Aid Network (SCAN)  in collaboration with Malton Women Council (MWC) hosted its second workshop as part of the Sustainability on My Mind project in Malton on December 1st 2022. The workshop is the second out of eight workshops that will teach the residents in the low-income neighborhood of Malton, Mississauga about eco-friendly lifestyle strategies that households can practice on their own for very little cost. SCAN has partnered with local non- profits  across Malton to ensure the successful delivery and implementation of this project, one of which is the Malton Women Council.

Malton Women Council is a non-profit organization that empowers women and enhances their overall wellbeing by providing platforms and creating opportunities to excel. MWC serves as a strong network and support system for women, families, youth, seniors and newcomers receiving services in the areas of holistic health and well-being, information and resource sharing, education and awareness,  peer support,  civic engagement, cultural connections, intergenerational activities, skills development, and training. MWC leveraged this project to meet their mandate and had full autonomy over the selection of participants from within their community. Participants were Malton residents across different demographics, namely of Black (5%) and South East Asian (95%) and were all women. Participants were part of the MWC support group and constituted of newcomers, single moms, youth and domestic abuse survivors. The workshops were a point of cultural exchange as well as fostering a sense of community amongst residents of the Malton neighborhood. Participants left with awareness on how to make their own personal care products with easily accessible, eco-friendly ingredients. Participants also took home tool kits and ingredients used in the workshop to enable them to make candles at home.

The candle making workshop was facilitated by Cavelle Wilson. Cavelle is the founder of Inheyl candle co, an organic candle making company that uses pure soy wax, paraben/phthalate-free fragrance oils, as well as unbleached cotton wicks infused and slowly hand poured candles in small batches with locally sourced Canadian ingredients.

You can learn more about the Sustainability on My Mind project here:

The Sustainability on My Mind project is supported by the Government of Canada’s Healthy Communities Initiative.