Sustainable Community Aid Network (SCAN) Climate Action Policy


Introduction: SCAN is deeply committed to addressing the pressing challenges of climate change, nurturing environmental sustainability, and enhancing the welfare of the communities under our care. Our Climate Action Policy outlines concrete goals, strategies, and long-term planning to mitigate climate change, bolster resilience, and promote responsible environmental stewardship.


Carbon Neutrality: SCAN ‘is determined to achieve carbon neutrality in our operations by 2030 through a comprehensive approach combining emissions reduction, energy efficiency, and offsetting initiatives.
Community Resilience: We are dedicated to cultivating climate-resilient communities by actively participating in local adaptation efforts. We aim to empower residents with the knowledge and resources to address climate-related challenges effectively.
Education and Awareness: SCAN is committed to enriching environmental education and awareness programs, with a special focus on inspiring action within under-served communities, Indigenous, visible minorities, and diverse groups.
Sustainable Practices: In our daily operations, we pledge to implement sustainable practices that encompass waste reduction, energy efficiency, and responsible resource management.


Carbon Reduction Initiatives:
Community Engagement:
Education and Awareness:
Sustainability on My Mind Program: Expansion of our program to incorporate advanced climate-related topics that align with the principles of climate action and the promotion of awareness about climate change policies and solutions.
Annual Virtual Climate Action Awareness Campaign: A campaign explicitly designed to raise awareness of climate change challenges, with a primary focus on under-served communities.
Sustainable Practices:
Assign clear roles and responsibilities for our climate action initiatives, including the appointment of a designated Climate Action Coordinator. Establish a baseline greenhouse gas emissions inventory to comprehensively track our journey toward carbon neutrality. Commit to regular reporting on SCAN’s climate action efforts, including milestones, results, and invaluable lessons learned.
Long-term Planning and Sustainability:
We will seamlessly integrate this Climate Action Policy into our long-term planning endeavors, including our overarching financial sustainability strategy. This policy dovetails perfectly with SCAN’s mission, underscoring the vital importance of environmental sustainability for the well-being of the communities entrusted to our care. We will maintain a continual process of evaluation and updates to ensure this policy remains relevant and effective in the face of the ever-evolving challenges posed by climate change.
SCAN aspires to contribute to a healthier planet, nurture climate-resilient communities, and empower individuals to take purposeful climate action.
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